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Sparks Flew!!!

Hi everyone, I wanted to take a minute and let you know how our road trip went to meet Lil Ranchin Kodiak Grizzly (Rearden) and have StoneyCreek's Rue bred.

Our beautiful girl was a dream! She handled the 4.5 hr car ride like a champ. She never made a peep. She was quite the lady with Rearden after they both sized each other up and knew neither wanted confrontation. She ended up very smitten with him!

We stayed at a beautiful Airbnb right on a creek where there was a large fenced yard surrounded by redwoods. When we weren't visiting Rearden, we were relaxing in the sun, or playing in the creek. I couldn't have asked for a better trip or experience with my sweet girl.

It was a pleasure meeting Rearden and his owner. I’m so thankful to Sam for trusting me with this pairing and the future pups to come.


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