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Please reach out if you have an interest in Fox.

Fox is a sweet, feisty, unaltered Old Dominion Terrier with a mind of her own. She is a little powerhouse standing at 14” at the shoulder and averages between 21-22lbs.

Fox has an intense prey drive. She loves the chase and to play. Cats and chickens will be a hard no if she can get to them. She is an Alfa female, but gets along with other dogs as long as they respect her space. A fenced yard that is dog proof and dig proof is a must. She is crate trained, but not house broke. Fox is almost silent except if she sees a critter or sees you with her food dish, then she lets you know what's up with a quiet bark.

She loves kids and adults. You are an added bonus in her life. She wants to do what she wants and will require training for her to think otherwise. 

To be considered, you MUST have terrier experience. She is a lovely dog that will make terrier lovers laugh and appreciate her quirks.

A home with property where she has safe room to run and catch critters would be ideal. She truly loves to hunt. If you feel like prey drive is a fault, she is NOT the dog for you. If you want a dog that will rid your barn of vermin and will also play with your kids, this is your girl.

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