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Our Story

My love for terriers came from my father. He is an avid hunter and always had one or two rat terriers, fox terriers, or Jack Russell crosses running around the property. There is something special about this group of dog that is intelligent, funny, and tough, all wrapped up in a little ball of spitfire. 
Seven years ago he was ready to add another terrier to the farm. He asked me to help him find one. After researching different breeders we found the Decker Terrier lines. We were both intrigued to find a larger size terrier than we were used to. He decided to purchase two females from Lil Ranchin Rat Terriers. We drove down and picked out two. I was hooked on these incredible dogs. 
I was ready to add my own Decker to my family a few years ago. I wanted a go dog… put him in the truck, go hiking, go to the beach, go one a bike ride, all while being happy, yet protective of my family and me. I found Goose two years ago from BriarBey Decker and Old Dominion Terriers. When he arrived I knew he was something special. He was everything I wanted. He is driven, protective, and truly loves his people. I could not be happier with my handsome boy. We are adding three females to the pack this year, one Decker and two Old Dominion Terriers. 
Deckers and ODTs have an intelligence to them to where they read their people. They look into your eyes to try and see what you want from them. They aim to please. They are big, beautiful, and have a personality to match. They are happy to be hunting one minute and hanging out on the couch with the family the next. 
My goal is to help you find your next family member. Whether you hunt, want a companion, or are looking for your next go buddy, I feel very confident that we can help you find what you are looking for.

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