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Original Decker Lines


The ONLY way a Decker Terrier can be a Decker Terrier is if any of these dogs are in the Pedigree.

Deckers Badger Female 4-Jul-86

Deckers Brandy Female 30-Jan-78

Deckers Buford Male

Deckers Candy Female 19-Jan-85

Deckers Chase 

Deckers Christine Female

Deckers Cougar Female 4-Jul-86

Deckers Crystal Female 11-Jun-86

Deckers Duke Male 3-Sep-83

Deckers Echo Female 12-Sep-79

Deckers Henry Male 29-Aug-72

Deckers Jolly Male 5-Jun-83

Deckers Josh Male

Deckers Katy Female 13-Mar-84

Deckers Kodiak Male 7-Dec-87

Deckers Lacy Female 24-Sep-77

Deckers Lady Female 24-Sep-77

Deckers Lila Female

Deckers Little Brandy Female 30-Jul-85

Deckers Liza Female 2-Sep-78

Deckers Mandy Female 15-Nov-78

Deckers Marcella Female 19-Jan-82

Deckers Matilda Female

Deckers Mindy Female 15-Nov-78

Deckers Misty Female 19-Jan-82

Deckers Muggins Male 17-Sep-79

Deckers Oregon Belle Female 12-Mar-80

Deckers Peaches Female 12-Mar-80

Deckers Penny Female 4-Jan-85

Deckers Perky Female 4-Sep-83

Deckers Pippi Female 29-Dec-78

Deckers Prince Male 3-Sep-83

Deckers Princess Female 20-Aug-83

Deckers Puffer Female 20-Jan-79

Deckers Rowdy Male

Deckers Sable Female 11-Oct-87

Deckers Sadie Female

Deckers Sambo Male

Deckers Shortcake Female

Deckers Smiley Male

Deckers Southern Belle Female 4-Sep-78

Deckers Spur Male 13-Mar-84

Deckers Stella Female 19-Jan-82

Deckers Sugar Female 6-Sep-82

Deckers Sunshine Female 12-Sep-79

Deckers Suzie Q Female 13-Jan-78

Deckers Texas Star Female 13-Jan-78

Deckers Tigerlily Male 4-Jan-85

Deckers Towser Male 3-Feb-82

Deckers Tuffy Female 5-Jun-83

Deckers Twinky Female 29-Dec-78

Deckers Velvet Female

Deckers Wragler Male

Deckers Zack (Basenji) Male

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