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Old Dominion Terrier

Old Dominion Terriers are a cross between Decker Terriers, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Basenji. The goal is to keep the look and temperament that we know and love from the Decker, but to add new blood without having to outcross to standard rat terriers. The Amstaff is added for size and bone, while the Basenji is added for grace and refinement. Although Old Dominions were originally bred for hunting, they are also a happy breed that loves its people and would be well suited as a companion and family dog for people with an active lifestyle.


Decker Terrier


Decker Terriers are a line of large Rat Terrier with the addition of Basenji and other breeds. Milton Decker started breeding these dogs in the 70s. He was looking for the ideal hunting dog, which turned into a companion. Deckers are usually larger than standard rat terriers and less yappy due to the addition of the Basenji. Basenjis also gave these dogs a more refined look. Deckers tend to have a high prey drive. They are happy hunting, playing, or spending time with their people.

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